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Excitement Builds for the Buell Public Media Center

Don’t look for ping-pong tables and arts & crafts classes in this new community center. This cutting-edge facility has gone high tech, putting you on stage, in front of the camera and behind the microphone. The Buell Public Media Center is a twenty-first century version of the local community center. This powerful new facility reaches out to the community, giving people of all ages the opportunity, and ability, to learn, express themselves, and communicate with the world.

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Parker Racquet Club Embraces The Community

It’s been a long time coming. Barry Riddle will tell you the dream of building a tennis facility began when he was in college and has lasted for more than 40 years. In August 2019, through the help of a variety of people and businesses, his dream of opening a facility that would cater to not only the tennis community, but the community at large was fulfilled. Parker Racquet Club, located next to Parker Fieldhouse, opened its doors in the late summer to tennis players of all skill levels and ages.

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Denver Real Estate: Seller’s Market Takes A Surprising Rebound

There is a perception that nothing happens in real estate at the end of the year. It’s true that the winter months see the number of listings and transactions decline. The holidays are clearly a distraction, and weather can be a deterrent in looking at homes for sale or making a move. But this past December had moderate weather and the highest number of transactions over any December in the last several years.

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Denver Real Estate: 2020 Market Outlook

As we head into another year, Denver real estate continues its long run of rising values in a seller’s market. In 2018 we saw a shift in demand, taking us out of the white-hot selling frenzy we experienced from 2014 to 2017, and moving into a slower paced sales cycle. This past year the market retained its strength and momentum, leaving us with solid sales and another round of increased home values. As we move into 2020, will Denver real estate stay the same course?

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Fritchle Electric: A Surprising Tale of Denver’s First 100-Mile Electric Car

The electric automobile has gained popularity over the last decade. Advancements in battery technology has made the electric car more practical and reliable. While Colorado isn’t known for automobile manufacturing, it wouldn’t be surprising that an electric car manufacturer would set up shop in Denver. Oliver Parker Fritchle, a chemist and electrical engineer developed a…

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The Changing Face, and Potential Risks, of Denver Real Estate

For many years the process of buying and selling real estate has been the same. Real estate agents have been an integral part of the finding, negotiating, and preparing documents of a home sale and purchase. Back in the day, the Multi Listing Service (MLS) wasn’t online, but instead it was a book, published weekly with basic property details and a single photo of the listed home. The public’s access to the MLS was through an agent.