You're not the typical agent.

We know.

You know what it takes to be a great agent. What’s different about you, what sets you apart, is that you’re doing something about it.

At Janda Connect, we’re here to help. We’re not for everyone. But we might be for you. We’re here for those agents who know the value of their relationships. Who work hard by putting their clients first. You’re our kind of agent.

And we’re here to help.

Every smart agent needs to stay connected.

As a smart agent, your client is your focus. You are masterful at staying connected with them during specific transactions. Their immediate needs and dreams take center stage – and you’ll get them there.

But once that transaction is over, the connection starts to wane.

It’s natural.

You know better than to let that happen. You just don’t have the time or tools to keep the connection up. We do. Our MySphere product solves a huge piece of this puzzle, allowing you to stay connected, decrease your effort, and 

Every smart agent needs more time.

You’re busy. Contracts, showings, multiple offers, agent phone calls, countless emails, sifting through texts, CE classes and more.

But you just don’t have the time. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. What’s different about you is you know it. And you’re willing to do something about it. Maybe you’re like Richard. He took action.


My clients are shocked. They can’t believe I have the time to to be a successful agent home and and write all this content. They think I’m a hero!

Richard Reese


Realty One Group

Every smart agent needs a partner.

You’re committed to your clients. We’re committed to you. We build our products carefully and thoughtfully, never compromising our quality or our relationship with you.

We’re also smart in how we built our product, putting you at the center of our design. And we’re smart in how we support you. Agents love it, and we understand why. Find out for yourself.


You know what to do.

You already know what to do. You’re getting to the closing table, your clients are happy, your entire base would use you again. You’re crushing half of the equation.

You just don’t have time to do the other half.

We see you. We can help.

You know what to do. And so do we. It’s time for you to take action.

Our gift to you.

You're busy. Work smarter.

Jim, one of our founders of Janda Connect, is one of the most organized real estate professionals out there. Caring, compassionate and client-centric, Jim has created a proprietary multiple-offer sheet that has saved him hours. And he’s willing to share it with you. Pop in your name and email address and we’ll get you the link!

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